Name clarification: My Korean/legal name is Jang Sun Lee!

I am a research assistant professor at TTIC. I am broadly interested in statistical approaches to natural language processing. I am particularly interested in semi-supervised/unsupervised methods that can leverage unlabeled data (e.g., raw text or basic tabular information) and induce interpretable representations. I obtained a PhD in computer science from Columbia University with a focus on spectral algorithms. During this time, I was advised by Michael Collins and also worked closely with Daniel Hsu. After PhD, I was a senior research scientist at Bloomberg LP and worked on financial information processing with neural networks. I received a BS in computer science, a BA in mathematics, and a minor in history from the University of Rochester.

On a more personal side, I came to study in the states from Korea in high school. I am an alumnus of Episcopal High School. I have complete faith in the power of virtual realities.